CSK: 2012- iPads for the iGeneration

“Common Sense: 2012” was the finale of the first year of the Common Sense Kids website and project. CSK: 2012 began when our teacher, Mrs. Campbell saw the parallel between Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense: 1776” and the common sense issue for THIS generation of American kids. The need to bring digital tablet technology into the classroom was something she knew her students could relate to!

Mrs. Campbell asked her students to write a new “Common Sense”, persuading their audience on why this technology should be included in ALL American schools, even for elementary kids. The best part was that she told her students that they would send their hand-written “Common Sense: 2012” to Apple when they were finished!

The kids loved it and the idea grew. Next they made it into a spoken presentation for their parents and principal, where the idea grew some more. Their principal was so intrigued that she suggested the class film the presentation. Campbell then consulted with her husband, founder of TINT Studios, who used the words that the kids wrote to help create what you see today, the first Common Sense Kids movie. You can read more about the results of our project on our homepage.

Common Sense Kids produced by TINT Studios.

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